A/W 2016 : Elements

A Beautiful Story


Life is the greatest journey you will be on with all its bumpy aspects love, joy, sorrow, happiness, ain and more…
Everybody, wherever in this world, is unique and has a story to tell.
In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people to embrace the magic of life, to create themselves, shine and to see that they are all a beautiful story!

 This season, together with our artisans in Nepal we worked on a new collection based on the elements of nature.
The entire universe is formed from the elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
Each element represents a king of energy that flows within every one of us.
What we see on the outside is simply a manifestation of the inside world.
Getting to know the elements through our new collection will help you to find your nature and related element.

 We hope out new jewels will inspire you to get a step closer to your true self and inner beauty…

 Lots of love
Cathelijne Lania


Handmade from Nepal

Our love for Nepal and its people has drawn us to the highlands of this vulnerable country in the Far East. Through our collections we create fair jobs for local communities and provide a better life for many Nepalese families. Since we are involved in the whole production process from start to finish, we are able to create fair and ethically made jewellery.

 All our pieces are handmade with love. Where East meets West with our designs from Amsterdam combined with the traditional crafts from Nepal.