S/S 2017 : Elements



A beautiful story started 10 years ago when I fell in love with Nepal and its kind and jolly people. I wanted to help a couple of artisans who I met during my stay in Kathmandu. And decided to introduce their life stories and jewelry on the Dutch market. My dream was to connect both different cultures and people together. To share stories, rituals and customs from the Far East. To inspire people in the Western world with ancient wisdom.

 These days A Beautiful Story has grown into an inspiring company that designs and produces handmade and fair jewelry for an international market. It has been an excited ride for sure. With lots of challenges and victories which we couldn’t have achieved without the help of our partners in Nepal. Again, we are proud to present you our new collection based on the hour elements of nature; fire, earth, water and air. We have used different healing gemstones, handmade beads and new meaningful symbolic charms to inspire and awaken you

 Life is such a journey with all its bumpy aspects of love, joy, sorrow, happiness, pain and more. Everybody, wherever in this world, is unique and has a story to tell. In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people to embrace the magic of life, to create themselves, shine and to see that we are all a beautiful story!

 I hope our new collection will help you on your journey…


Lots of love

 Cathelijne Lania