About us


Imagine a world, in which fashion is crafted and enjoyed with passion. A world that preserves and protects nature and treats all people with respect and dignity.

At YouAllOver we focus on sourcing distinctive and unique fashion brands from all over the world that are committed to the Fairtrade and Ethical design and production of fashion and accessories.

Why: Every year fashion creates incredible beauty but has also become the second most polluting industry worldwide, with millions of artists and workers living in poverty. Our brands strive to create opportunities for talented and skilled artisans who don’t always have access to the right markets.  

When you buy one of our products, we like to think that you're not only look good, but feel good too! 



We admire beauty and beautiful things from all over the world. All our brands are lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in different parts of the world (Peru, Nepal, India, Indonesia).  At YouAllOver, we are devoted to finding these beautiful accessories for you to fall in love with.


We pride ourselves in sourcing items of highest & best quality. YouAllOver brands are not only sustainable and beautiful, but they are created to last and become more beautiful over time. In order to achieve this high standard, we work closely with our producers and carefully test our products before we offer them to you.

Fair production

We believe in cooperation. Cooperation with our producers and artists as well as cooperation with our customers. It is very important to us that whomever we work with is treated respectfully and fairly. Our aim is to make sure that all YouAllOver brands are produced under human-, animal- and environment-friendly conditions.

For more questions about YouAllOver you can always contact us at info@youallover.com